ISIR meeting in Boston in 1988 the attending African urologists were intimidatingly scanty/few. it was felt that the time for an African representation, and meaningful as well as organised participation had come. The African participants felt that it would be good to have an African component in the emerging strategic planning of Global Urology. Discussion were held and abandoned. In late 1991 Alex Danso, who is now regarded as Founder/ the Father of PAUSA began communications with colleagues on the African continent informing them of his intention to start what is now known as PAN AFRICAN UROLOGICAL SURGEONS’ ASSOCIATION. The response was overwhelming and the common desire was obvious. The majority of the urologists in Africa supported the formation of a common urological association for Africa. Between the 24 and 28 of May 1992 in the beautiful city of Harare in Zimbabwe the inaugural meeting of PAUSA was held AND PAUSA WAS BORN. At this meeting Prof. Deon Du Plessis of South Africa led a strong contingent of delegation from South Africa comprising the academic professors /Heads of all the urology departments in South Africa Prof Ismail Khalaf who has since the inception of PAUSA been a great leader and visionary, brought a large contingent from Egypt. There was a large contingent from East Africa led by Profs George Magoha and Saeed Samnakay Profs Baye Assane Diagne, Quartey and Osegbe led the contingent from West Africa. At this meeting it was obvious that the determination was to let No language differences divide African urology. The birth of PAUSA cannot be spoken about if we do not mention people whom we call ”Friends of African Urology”. In this group at the inaugural meeting were Professors Jean de Kernion of UCLA, Mostafa El Hilali of Montreal, Michael Marberger of Austria the Late Prof Bob Krane of of Boston” to name a few. The success of the inaugural meeting and its impact was palpable and since then Pausa has grown from Strength to strength. Alex Danso was elected the inaugural president of Pausa, Prof Ismail Khalaf was elected the secretary General, Prof Deon Du Plessis of Pretoria was elected the vice-President and President – Elect. The executive committee worked so hard that and instant collaboration with AUA, SIU and EUA was achieved. The AUA invited Pausa representative for the first time into the international relations committee. SIU invited Pausa into the strategic planning committees. The rest is history. !!!! In 1993, one year after the inaugural meeting another conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Within a year PAUSA had already grown and the founding fathers including Prof Safwat of Egypt, Prof Quartey of Ghana and Prof Oliech of Kenya were prominent in guiding the steps into the future development of the fledgling PAUSA since then biennial conferences for PAUSA have taken place in various parts of the Continent.