Active members must be qualified urologists. The status of qualified urologist must be certified:

  • by a national accrediting body in the country of the candidate or
  • by the recognized national urological society association in the country of the candidate, or
  • in the absence of the above, by a foreign accrediting body recognized by the Board of Chairmen or
  • in special circumstances by the Board of Chairmen itself.

Associate Member

Urologists or surgeons practicing urology (including resident doctors in training and medical officers) but not considered qualified as per the above definition may be proposed for election as Associate Members.

Affiliate Member

Physicians or health professionals engaged in affiliated branches of medicine may also be proposed for election as Affiliated Members at the discretion of the Board of Chairmen.

Honorary Members

The title of honorary member may be conferred by the Board of Chairmen on anyone who has done special service for the Association.