Presidents of PAUSA

DR ALEX.P.DANSO (Zimbabwe) : 1993-1995  The founder President of PAUSA. Through his vision the Association was born. Alex is an educationist and promoter of young urologist in their quest to improve the practice of urology on the continent. He got PAUSA invited into the international relationship committee of AUA. Through his networking, many young urologist have benefited in scholarships and attachment. A philanthropist who had sponsored placement and sponsorship of young urologist. He has led several outreach programmes which have provided relief for the indigent in many african countries. This is the Father of PAUSA.

Prof Dion Du Plessis (South Africa) :1995-1997 An Academic par excellence who helped to grow PAUSA especially in Southern Africa. Deon has been the promoter and educator of numerous young urologists especially in South African. Deon, was for a very long time the Professor and Chairman of the Urology Dept in Pretoria. He remains a real Mentor of many urologists world wide.

Prof Baye Assane Diagne (Senegal): 1997-1999  A very effective leader who promoted PAUSA and helped develop it in West Africa. Prof Diagne brought PAUSA further into the international arena. Professor of urology who practices in Dakar.

Alfpheus Mabose Segone (South Africa) : 1999-2001 The quiet Giant. An academic and a very capable President of PAUSA. A remarkable leader and Teacher. He was versatile, worked effectively behind the scenes and gave many PAUSA LECTURES. Alf was the Head of Department of Urology for Medunsa in South Africa.

Ismail Khalaf (Egypt) : 2001-2005 An educator a pillar and a very effective leader of PAUSA. Ismail, started the African Journal of urology and has helped disseminate information about PAUSA. He truly put PAUSA on the International map. Ismail is an educator. For many years he was the Secretary General and served the Association selflessly. He has worked formidably on the Journal of African Urology and he remains the Chief Editor of the Journal. He started many educational programs for Urology Training in many North African Countries.

Chris Heyns (South Africa) : 2005-2008 The Late Prof Chris Heyns was a significant pillar and a tower of strength who led PAUSA in a most astute manner, representing PAUSA at the international fora with a notable voice. Chris was undoubtedly a great leader who was recognised worldwide as a teacher and this was evidenced by his election to become the President of SIU (Société Internationale d’Urologie). He articulated the need for improvement of urological care in Africa and participated in the strategic planning of the World urology. Chris is sorely missed!!! A selfless leader and teacher.

Serigne Magueye Gueye ( Sénégal) : 2008-2011 Has been a great and very effective leader of PAUSA. A stalwart unifier of all the African urologists. Serigne has represented PAUSA at various forums/ fora. A magnificent educator and promoter of numerous young urologists on the continent. He has been a pillar and a tower of strength for PAUSA. He has tirelessly articulated the needs of African urology, promoted the dissemination of information on African urology. A true Trainer of the Trainer. A skillful leader who has led many outreach programmes including obstetrical fistulae. Serigne has been one of the Voices of African Urologist at SIU, AUA AND OTHER international associations. Serigne started the first Training Institute of PAUSA in Dakar (PUITA TRAINING CENTRE) Serigne is a leader par excellence and has tirelessly and selflessly represented PAUSA at the SIU, AUA and many other internationl organisations bringing the needs of the African Continent into discussion and helping solve many of the problems for the African urologist. A true leader, a true Pan Africanist, a visionary and a real Academic. He is a great pillar. He won the 2020 SIU Albert Schweitzer International Teaching Award. The growth of PAUSA has been largely due to his collaboration with other urological organisations.

Mohamed Eissa (Egypt) : 2011-2013 An eminent Paediatric Urologist from Egypt who led PAUSA in a very able manner and brought PAUSA forward through the organisation of workshops. He represented PAUSA in a most dignified manner. A good Leader who worked tirelessly to advance the Cause of PAUSA

Prof Emiola Oluwabunmi Olapade- Olaopa (Nigeria) : 2013-2017 Bumi has been a great leader, he is the twin to Serigne and both of them have tirelessly helped grow PAUSA in the most significant manner. A true academic, an effective leader and a solid representative of PAUSA who has helped put PAUSA on the world map. Bumi started the first PIUTA training Centre in Ibadan and continues to request for the establishment of many more Training centres in Africa. He has solidly put into place the PAUSA SKILLS BANK and continues to seek avenues to improve the collaboration of Outreach programmes of PAUSA. Bumi has been indefatigable in the promotion of education for young african urologist and the development of PAUSA.


Mobile Kampanga (DR Congo) : 2017-2019

Alexander A Nwonfor (Nigeria) : 2019-2022